Commercial Snagging Reports

As a company we can also offer a commercial snagging reports for client side or for main contractors to help ensure that you are getting the quality and specification compliance you are expecting.

Our visits could save you tens of thousands of pounds by potentially spotting an error early enough in the build to ensure that the problem does not cause any major issues when nearing completion.

By way of example one of our project management team was asked to run a project where the “main contractor” had decide to use block and beam for first and second floors and not the concrete plank system specified, this was discovered after a number of the flats had been screeded with underfloor heating installed and first fix partitions erected, all of which had to come out! – The cost was just under £180k to rectify.

You can book one of our inspections as little or as often as you require, a number of clients have a weekly visits during the build and then a more frequent visit when nearing practical completion.


  • Check for specification compliance
  • Check for detail compliance
  • Check for quality
  • Provide report with pictures of issues with description
  • Report has deadline, complete or not complete & final discharge tabs
  • Follow up and close out of snagging reports service available


noun: snagging – The process of checking a new building for minor faults that need to be rectified.


Snag Free

Ideally your new building should be 100% snag free when you reach practical completion, but it is very rarely the case.

We can provide the experience and the team to assist in the handover of a building detailing via our commercial snagging reports

Why Do I Need A Commercial Snagging Report?

A snagging list is a list of defects in a new build commercial premises, this could be in a new hospital, hotel, office building, shop or industrial unit.

The earlier items are snagged and picked up and reported the better the quality control will be through the project, so we recommend that if possible that we are involved in the project as early as possible.

Most commonly we are engaged when the project is nearing practical completion to help the site team record and understand snags to help the process of handover to the end user.

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