Welcome to the frequently asked questions page for HomeSnagging.Com. You can learn a lot about snagging just from the questions and answers on this page but in particular we cover our new build snagging service. 


Here are some of the common question we get asked..

What Areas Do We Cover?
We cover all over the UK, and the price you see includes us travelling to you – No hidden costs
Do your prices include VAT?

Yes what you see is what you pay.

Do you have any hidden costs?

No what you see is what you pay.

Can You Snag One Room?
We can snag any work that you have done, be that one room or a new extension – You will need to contact us to talk about the price for single rooms or extensions.
How long does a house snag take?
Typically they take between 3 to 4 hours, but larger houses can take considerably longer to snag.
How many snagging items do we normally find?
Each developer has a different system / method when completing the final snagging stage of a new home, some are better than others, but an average would be in excess of 50 snags per house or apartment.
What if you don’t find many snagging issues do I still pay the full amount?
If we find less than 10 snags in your house / flat then this is good news for you, as it means the developer has done a good job and you should be happy in your snag free house.

We will refund the amount paid for the snagging visit minus £75.00 for our time traveling to your new home or apartment, so the visit will only cost you £75.00

What information do I get after the snagging visit?

You will receive a full PDF report with pictures (where applicable) of the items snagged and a brief text summary of the snag describing the issue, the report will be sent via email within 48 hours of the visit.

When is the best time to book a snagging company to inspect a new home or apartment?
Ideally we would recommend booking before you take occupancy of the home or apartment as it means we have fully unrestricted access, however we understand that this is not always possible so it’s best in this case to book as near as possible to your moving in date.

It is important to note that you can have the inspection carried out at any time in the first two years of your warranty and submit a snagging list at any time during this period.

Can the developer stop you from snagging your new home?
The property does not become yours until you have completed the purchase, so they may try and deny access on that basis, however many of the larger house builders have signed up to a voluntary code known as: “Customer Service Code of Conduct” which states – “The home builder will co-operate with appropriately qualified professional advisors appointed by the customer to resolve disputes, if they arise.”
Can HouseSnagging.Com help me after the report has been sent?
Our report comes with a relevant number next to the snag for example it might be Item 11 door hinge screw missing, you can then simply tick them off the report as they are completed, however we can if you would prefer come back and do a revisit to see the quality of the snagging that has taken place to ensure that it is up to an acceptable standard, these visits are considerably cheaper as the report has already be produced. Please contact us for further details of this option.

We can also act on your behalf to email, call and follow up with the developer’s customer support team / after sales team. This support is only offered via email and telephone.

Do You Have Other Questions?

We are happy to answer questions you may still have. You can call us on freephone 0800 0465390 or use our live support option here on our website.


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